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Her answer had always been, “Even on the days you can’t hear my whispering, at least we had a nice picnic.”

Her and I played ‘guess what I’m thinking with one word’ all the time.

But today… the cards… what she was telling me..

I knew exactly what answer laid ahead of me. I had already evaluated the situation. The cards brought the clarity I needed. The answer was right there in front of me.

The voice of my guide was being obvious today. This was exactly the answer my querant, Captain Hector Priam, United States Marine Corp, had asked me to give him some insight on.

Even without the vibrations of the sefirot ringing in my head I could read the cards clearly. The columns were definitely about the nature of my querent’s desire. Now I needed to let him know how to direct his efforts in the near-future, and it wasn’t going to be what he wanted to hear.

Column 1: The moon, represented his soon to be ex-girlfriend, Stephanie. Under her hand was a wand of passion & beauty. I could hear the whistle of the D & A major chords emanating from the card underneath the moon. That was the 6 of wands, passion and victory. The starting chords of a strong willed heart.

The querents soon to be ex-girlfriend, a woman who had the advantage over him financially and socially, Attorney Stephanie Feudrstab was standing firm on the left column.

Column 2: The Emperor was drinking the mystic wine of self-respect from the six of cups. This was my querent. Hector was a company commander, a leader of soldiers. He had met Stephanie on a cruise and the two of them had began on a good start.

He had come to me with a heavy heart and was considering breaking it off with his girlfriend. After a year of trying to mesh their two independent lives together, Hector was seeing the future between them conflicting with their individual duties to life.

These cards were definitely showing his stance. The 6 of cups hummed with the ohm of a b-minor & F# transition. The chords of a broken heart.

Column 3: The Lovers & the 9/10 of coins were an unavoidable conclusion to the resolution found in column 3. The Deep melancholy hum of the G major chord sang out, combined the D,A.Bm,F#, G,D, G,A, flowed through the air around me. It sang the reality of what I had to tell Captain Priam.

The lovers were reversed and were supported by the strongest numbers of the coin suit, when found under the broken lovers it meant that financial strain and instability were destined to be a part of a future relationship between the couple; that without mutual and cooperative actions the relationship would end.

I snapped a few pictures of the cards with my phone and turned to my laptop to send the email to Hector. He was a good friend. I hope he would fare well from the answer I was about to send.

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