Balance is Golden

When asked, I tell people that Madison square is my favorite area of Savannah. It is the one place in town that a story can be told from the 16th century to present day.

This square holds the root-source of several ghost sightings. From Revolutionary, Antebellum, Modern and Post-Modern spirits, Madison square is the place to be.

There is also conversation about a shadow creature that lurks in the square. An entity sometimes referred to as a dark shade.

During my visit I didn’t see the shade itself, but it has been reported and is defiantly a local legend. I am resolute in saying that I know why it is attracted to this square. Through my storytelling research, I did travel the centuries, and have seen many reasons why it would have found residence here.

The legend of a dark shade can be traced back to civilization’s roots. In one fashion or another, it is an entity that has been recorded in human conversation since the time of the pyramids.

Because it ties into the energy of the square, I felt that I need to mention it, but I have a separate presentation covering the shade, and what I think caused it’s manifestation.

Even so, because I believe it comes from a side affect of the history embalmed in Madison Square, and the polarized energy in each story there is to tell, I fell that it needed to be mentioned here as well.

Let’s get to the presentation…

There are more than one historical buildings in Madison square. Today I’ll be talking about two specific buildings that can be found in the SW corner of square.

Both represent knowledge of a particular subject. To the casual observer, they do it using two different systems of thought that (from the outside) seem in opposition to each other. But with a deeper understanding similarities can be found.

Here we have the former Scottish Rite Masonic Center & St John’s Episcopal church.

Before I go further, I need to go into depth on two very specific statements, that I want you to keep in mind. To see the balancing energy of these two buildings there are certain perspectives that need to be established.

1:Let me explain what I mean by “in opposition”. I do not intend for the phrase to be misunderstood as opposing each other, Perhaps, to better explain myself, I should’ve started this presentation with the statement that “Opposites appear different but are the same.”

2: “A scholastic person can seek knowledge by two different schools of thought. An “Art” or “Science”. To a casual observer the final outcome (a degree) is similar to both, but in detail they are different. I’ll explain this in more depth shortly.

Let’s start with the concept of opposing forces.

We can pick any time period in history to recognize when this idea came to light. I like Socrates. I’ll be referencing him.

According to Plato, his instructor Socrates, introduced a concept refered to as the Argument for Opposites. Socrates puts forth the claim that everything that comes to be, comes to be from its opposite. In other words we wouldn’t know to call something dark unless we had something light to compare it to. Without one the other wouldn’t exists.

Now that that is understood. Let’s look at the second item.

When a person enrolls in college they register to get one of two types of degrees. Either a degree in ART or a degree in SCIENCE.

Art is subjective. Science is objective. Art expresses knowledge, in the form of subjective representation. Science is a system of acquiring knowledge objectively.

For example an accounting degree (to master finance) is considered an Art. Where as a physician (a master of medicine or surgery) is considered a science.

There are two specific subjects that fall outside of being an art or science. Math & philosophy.

Math is, by itself, a different discipline. While it can be used creatively it is not an art. While math can be used to model natural phenomena it is not a science.

The same with Philosophy. The subject of philosophy creates a conversation that can define it as either an art or science. Philosophy sometimes looks at the world through abstract thought, therefore more in line to being and Art. “In opposition” the scientific-method itself can be considered a philosophy.

Now let’s look at how both the appearance of being opposite and Art Vs Science can be applied to these buildings. In the end I hope to show that, despite using opposite methods, both building complete each other and become a more well rounded way to see the mutual spirit of both buildings. It is the dichotomy that I believe charges the location with a lot of non-physical energy, and may be the reason so many ghosts appear in Madison square.

Let’s start with the Freemasons

Probably one of the most well recognized secret societies. It seems odd to say “recognized” and “secret” in respect to the Masons, but it’s a fraternity that uses the metaphor of maintaining silence in reverence to what is referred to as “the mysteries.” All the books ever printed by the Freemasons can be found by digging through the archives of the US library of Congress. There is nothing hidden that can’t be found by those that know where to look.

Freemasonry: using the science of Architecture as a symbolic metaphor for the clockwork of the universe. It is considered an ART.

The fraternity uses symbolism and math based concepts such as…

  • the G:sacred Geometry
  • the Square and compass: the system of personal empowerment that keeps a member in balance with others.
  • Keepers of the knowledge referred to as “Light”. it is in reference to a biblical scripture associated with the creation story, in which God says. “Let there be light” This is an analogy for seeking wisdom.

Similar to the church, One of the fraternity’s iconic figures is St John the Baptist. During their ceremonies the Lodge references one of the Holy Saint’s most well known quotes.

John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

The quote was similar to the philosophical concepts introduced by Heraclitus, a philosopher from 5th century BC, that had a college on the island where St John was born.

Heraclitus believed that the world exists as a coherent system in which a change in one direction is ultimately balanced by a corresponding change in another.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man

Heraclitus was the earliest Western-philosopher to use the term Logos, to represent the principle of a divine intelligence in a “system of order and knowledge” more commonly recognized as the concept of the mind of God.

Chief: Another unique aspect to the Masonic Lodge is that they elect their leadership roles through a democratic election. In other words the Grandmaster is chosen by the members of the fraternity and not through a pre-ordained system.

Now let’s look at St John’s. Church.

Theology (the study of the art of religion) is a SCIENCE

Just like the Freemason’s, the Church venerates the Holy Saint John. In the Christian faith John was considered to be one of the enlightened and mystical disciples of Christ.

Unlike masonry, the church openly expresses the “wisdom” of their belief. The doors of the church are always open of course. open through spiritual council with “the Shepard”

Christianity’s core message also uses “light” and was articulated by Jesus who would refer to himself as the light. He was making an analogy, like the Greek God Hermès, to being the message bringer from heaven.

Anglican Churches, like St John’s, are referred to as the Church of England. Unlike Catholic Christianity, which has a Pope, the head of the church is the reigning Monarch. Currently that is Queen Elizabeth II. This birthright election is a major difference between the two buildings.

Ok, let’s go ahead and wrap up.

As you can see these two buildings have two different pathways to a deeper understanding of the human condition. I believe that the energies conjured by the members of these two buildings, has created a stable but constantly active level of balancing energy to the area.

Along with the other buildings in this square, the supernatural can’t be avoided.


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