This city was named after a well recognized American President who, at the time, embodied the spirit of a great military leader and the strength of a growing nation.

In the War of 1812, Andrew Jackson’s victory at the Battle of New Orleans made him a national hero. The battle of New Orleans was a part of the Gulf Campaign. which would eventually lead to the annexation of Florida from Spain.

Shortly after, Jackson then led U.S. forces into actions that would start a series or wars called the Seminole Wars. These wars would bring powerful opponents and legends of American history. Chief Osceola……the Black Seminoles…Gullah Jack, along with the historically accurate reputation that the Seminole were the only unconquered indigenous people.

Spain ceded Florida to the U.S. in 1819 and the U.S. took possession in 1821. Due to the fact that creating a formal government is slow. General Andrew Jackson was appointed military governor in March 1821.

Kingsley Plantation

In 1822 plantations were vital economic centers along the St. Johns River. In 1822 the north bank of the St. John’s river was donated to “establish a proper town”. At the time the area was referred to as “A Cow Ford”.

Soon after, when Duval County was incorporated in 1822, Isaiah Hart, a snowbird from Pa, saw new opportunities for development, and persuaded his neighbors John Brady and Lewis Z. Hogans to join in putting the blueprints and design together for a town.

They submitted the formal request, naming the town Jacksonville, after the acting Governor and conquering hero,and to this day it is still the biggest city in Florida.

The longest bridge in Jacksonville was named after Isaiah Hart.


Visions of Mary

The other day I had logged into my UberEats App to start familiarizing myself with the restaurants here in Jax. I received a pickup and drop off request that were less than five minutes apart.

On my way to the drop-off, the GPS re-directed me to take a longer route. I thought it was odd but followed the directions anyway.

For some reason the GPS wanted me to take the bridges over the St John’s River, instead of driving through the neighborhood of San Marco.

First it took me over the Main st. bridge. (The blue bridge that goes directly into downtown.)

Next I followed the commands that brought me over the Hart Bridge.

The entire time, my thoughts were focused on a conversation I had had with a Lyft passenger once. It was as to the reason why she didn’t have a car. It was because of an accident she was involved in that happened on the Hart bridge. My knuckles tightened on the steering wheel as the memory of her tale returned to my head.

She told me that her car had stalled when she was “about half way to the top”. Behind her another driver (texting while driving) failed to notice her hazard lights. The other driver rear ended her vehicle at full speed.

While I was driving the woman pulled out her phone and moved the screen into my peripheral view. From the corner of my eye I could see the picture of the car dangling off the bridge.

She continued to tell me what happened next. Next she said, as she was sitting there waiting for emergency vehicles to remove her from the car, “that’s when an Angel suddenly appeared….The Angel was dressed in a pure white robe that glistened in the sun.”

The woman said “she was floating in the air above the car and just seeing her face brought an overwhelming sense of calm to the situation.”

The woman then explained that the Angel floated across her hood, passed through the windshield and sat next to her until the emergency vehicle arrived.

The Angel said, “everything will be fine”

Several moments passed while the woman sat in her car, which dangled over the edge of the bridge. When the Emergency vehicles arrived the Angel disappeared.

I was coming down the far end of the Hart Bridge, grateful not to have a similar story. I started to think to myself, with 9 bridges this city must have a lot of Angels.

After exiting the bridge I Continued to follow my GPS. I made my way down the street.

As I neared the building my food delivery was going to, I noticed it was a Catholic Church. I thought, how ironic, I was driving to the Angel experts.

After dropping off the food I started back to my car. That’s when I heard a whisper in the air. The whisper sounded like it was coming from the adjacent building, and It was calling my name.

I followed the whisper and when I rounded the corner the sun blinded my vision.

I moved in closer, and as I did the sun lowered itself over the statue of the Virgin Mary, standing above me.

In the hierarchy of “ the powers of heaven that be” Mary is considered to be in a class of her own, and outranks even the archangels.

A voice emanated from the statue. “Go to the garden.” it said.

“What garden?” I asked, starting to conclude that either the Florida sun was getting to me, or I was having a legitimate and full-fledged vision.

“The garden that is stretched out before you.” The voice responded.

Like the Monk Grigori Rasputin in 1897, or earlier by Saint Bernadette in 1858, I was having a vision of Mary. Those who believed in those reports shared similar details.

Angels… @ Moms park

Suddenly I started to feel dizzy and the world around me started to spin. The next thing I knew, I woke up in a garden near a palm tree grove and a body of water.

I picked myself up and started wandering toward the palm. When I got closer to the tree a face suddenly appeared.

“Look down” it said to me.

Right in front of me stood a stone statue of a Little Dutch boy. He was moving and kissing into the empty air.

The Little Dutch Boy’s eyes looked up and locked into mine. “Angels are everywhere if you know how to look for them” he said.

Then he motioned to a small gazebo at the end of a walking path. “Let’s go see” he beckoned and pointed his finger down the trail, skipping along the way.

“There are many types of Angels. The Catholics have organized them into nine categories.” The Little Dutch boy continued with a smile “But they appear to all the people of the world. They come in different forms and are called by different names, but they are all the same.”

The Little Dutch Boy stopped at the entrance to the Gazebo.

He looked up at me one more time and said, “Step through this doorway and you’ll see what most people don’t.”

Smiling he waived into the air and said, “See you in a few hours”

He then leaned in as if to kiss the empty air and turned back to stone. I stepped through the doorway.


The Ophanim.

These angels are the 3rd highest in the hierarchy of angels. Sometimes referred to as thrones, wheels and spheres. They are given this name because they are seen dancing under the throne of God.

Sometimes when we don’t understand a phenomenon, we assign words to describe it. These words, when drawn, become shapes. These powerful forces are the Ophanim.

The Hebrew prophet Ezekiel’s wheel within a wheel, surrounded in eyes.
Florida natives, the Creek/Muscogee-Seminole Indian creator deity. The grandfather of all things.

The 2 -D anyon patterns ….. these are patterns found only in a 2nd dimensional plane. They represent the state “on an off” of all 1 dimensional shapes as they transition to the 3rd dimension.

“Emergence” is an artwork on the south and west facades of the Water Street Garage a major gateway into downtown Jax.

8 inch…22 lb…ball discovered in 1974 by the Betz family, on nearby Ft George Island.

The Betz SpaceBall
was a metal sphere that moved on its own and made sounds when interacted with.

Riverside Powers & Authority

The Powers are a level 4 angelic being. They are given that name because they have power over evil forces.

The Angel of Peace memorial @ Riverside; commemorating the fallen Jacksonville Soldiers in WWI

San Marco Cherubim

The Guardians of heaven, the Cherubim are considered level 2 angels in Christianity. In both Islam and Judaism they rule over the thrones and archangels.

The winged lion commonly referred to as a Sphinx guarded the garden of Eden with a flaming sword. It is a Cherubim.
The Cherubim are sworn to keep the Orders and Laws of God enforced. Much like our law enforcement does.

NAS Principalities

Principalities are 7th level of angels.

The Principalities or “Princedoms” are the angels that protect nations or the church. They are in charge of other angels and are the overseer of the service performed for the divine will.

The Navy Blue Angels were born in Jacksonville They are the force behind the Principality of the US Navy.

Murray Hill guardian angel

Guardians are level 9 Angels. They are the lowest level angel and one of the most common. They are assigned to protect people from harm.

Springfield fairy ring

The common speak word for some winged humanoid creatures is Fairy, but the Irish and Gaelic based word was Fae.

In the 17th century when King James I authored a book called Daemonologie he stated that all witches and Fae folk of British legend were demons in disguise.

King James I initiated the witch-hunts of Europe and had the Church officially recognize the fae as devils. That was revised roughly a hundred years later under King William & Queen Mary. Officially some fairies are considered angels.

The evidence that Fae have been in an area are the appearance of mushroom rings or stones. When found they are referred to as fairy rings. These can be stones, or flowers, mushrooms, and many other items. They are portals to the world of the Fae, and can be both beneficial and detrimental to travelers.

Lutheran prayer labyrinth

Five Points Seraphim.

Seraphim are the highest level of the Angelic hosts

Love: known as the Sophia is a Seraphim. She can be both the most powerful and the weakest Force in nature. Sophia is often considered the embodiment of wisdom and the feminine aspect of the divine creator.

She is weak in the face of fear. Strong in the hands of fraternity, maternity, and paternity; Sophia is the mind of creation.

Sophia is often abused, over looked and ignored

Sophia can be found in many traditions, including Kabbalistic Judaism, Christian Gnosticism & Roman Catholicism. She is mentioned in the Bible a number of times specifically. In the book of wisdom, and later quoted in the New Testament by Jesus.

Wisdom 9:9 With you is Sophia, she who knows your works, she who was present when you made the world; she understands what is pleasing in your eyes and what agrees with your commandments.

Matt 11:19. “The Son of Man came eating and drinking, and they say, ‘Behold a gluttonous man and a drunkard, a friend of tax collectors and sinners!’ But wisdom is justified by her children.”

Messenger Angels @ greenfield cemetery

Like Hermès and Apollo of Greek and Roman mythos, Messenger Angels are assigned to carry messages from the Divine to humanity. In the Christian tradition they are level 8 Angels.

Messenger angels carry souls to heaven & are often referred to as Archangels. Gabriel, Micheal, Raphael & Uriel are Messenger Angels.

Hobgoblin @ Keg n coin

As mentioned earlier, Fairies are considered angelic beings. One type of Fae is the Goblin. A “house-goblin” or Hobgoblin helps clean homes and keep clutter down. They, like many Fae, are also pranksters. They may sweep the floor for you at night but they’ll also leave fingerprints on the windows.

Footprints on the ceiling
Handprints on the ceiling

Jacksonville Beach elementals

The elemental is a mythic being similar to the level 3 Angel, the Thrones. It is a nature spirit.

Paracelsus (1541 AD) was a German alchemist that introduced the idea of using chemicals in medical treatments. His discovery of zinc and his use of sulfur to treat illness is considered the birth of chemistry.

His work on elementals is considered the de facto reference material on elementals. According to Paracelsus Elementals are categorized into four categories based on the Greek system.

  • Earth- Gnomes
  • Water-Undines
  • Air-Sylphs
  • Fire-Salamanders
An Undine (water elemental) rises from the water

Jacksonville Beach Angels in disguise

Just like devils, Angels come in disguise as well. An Angel in disguise is a euphemism for a soft spoken and kind hearted person.

Angel Fish at Salt Life food shack
Micheal Jordan with wings at Sneakers Sports Grille
For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore– Poe’s Tavern Neptune Beach
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