Easy Covered Button Hair Elastics

I am back from my summer travels and diving back into crafting!  However, I can't get motivated to finish the details of Lucy's playroom.  Luckily, … [Continue reading]

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream

Sweet Peaks

If anyone is in Big Fork, MT or the surrounding area you MUST make it to Sweet Peaks for ice cream!  Fresh and fun flavors and so … [Continue reading]

Mexican Chocolate Cake

Mexican Choc Cake

Here we are... Mexican Chocolate Cake!  The ingredients for the cake: Melt the butter over low heat, whisk in the cocoa powder and then the … [Continue reading]

Goodbye to a wonderful preschool…

Goodbye to CCCC

Tomorrow will be Lucy's last day at her first daycare/preschool.  She has had such a wonderful experience and I wanted to do something for all of the … [Continue reading]

Mexican Chocolate Cake

Lucy Mex Choc Cake

This is just a teaser- sorry!  This is a testament to how incredibly fantastic this cake is... Lucy climbed on the counter to get a shot at the … [Continue reading]

Lucy’s First Camping Trip


One of the wonderful things about living in Arizona is that you can drive two hours north and go from desert to pine trees which means a major drop in … [Continue reading]