About Me

…I am teaching cooking as the Owner/Chef Instructor of Whisked Away Cooking School.  When I am not doing any of THOSE three things I am definitely doing something creative!

I love cooking (obviously), crafting, sewing, decorating and really anything imaginative.  One of my favorite feelings is when I think up a project and it comes out exactly how I had pictured it.  Let’s not talk about when it doesn’t!

In case you were wondering about the name Around the Mulberry Bush… my parents grew up in the same small town on Mulberry Street (different houses of course) which means that both sets of my grandparents lived on Mulberry Street.  I live in a pretty big city and my husband and I (after looking at over 120 houses) ended up on Mulberry as well!  So, many of the things that made me who I am today literally came from Mulberry.

It really wasn’t until I had my daughter that I got back in touch with my creative side.  I have loved decorating and redecorating her room, making her clothes and hair accessories, planning her birthday parties and so much more!  I have drawn inspiration from my own family not to mention all of the wonderful blogs I follow and Pinterest!

Thank you again for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog!