Lovely Men’s Tie Tutorial

Arizona is a fairly casual state in that not many people wear a tie to work anymore.  I LOVE ties.  I think they are really one of the only accessories that men have (poor things).  With that said, I really wanted to make a tie for someone.  I started thinking and realized by brother-in-law wears one to work AND his birthday was coming up!

I perused some blogs for a little guidance and I found a great tie tutorial on Puking Pastilles.  The pattern and instructions were SUPER easy to follow.  I did make a few changes just because of the pattern on the fabric I chose.  Let me speak to that a minute… the tie is pretty bold.  My sister and her husband both did their residencies at UVA and the colors are orange and blue.  They are active alumni so I thought this fabric would be perfect.

After assembling the pattern, cut three pieces: one each for the front, back and lining (1).  I DID NOT cut on the bias because of the chevron pattern.

Next, iron the fusible fleece (medium weight) onto the lining (2).  Put right sides together and sew together the three different segments of the tie- the fat or front end, the middle and the skinny end (3).

Put the right sides together, sew together the ends of the tie.  Turn inside out and baste the raw edges together (4).  Fold the sides in together as shown in the tutorial on Puking Pastilles.  Hand stitch the back seam together (5).  You can add a piece of fabric or a little ribbon to the back side of the tie to hold the smaller end of the tie in place.  Then… voila!  You are done and it looks super dapper (6)!


  1. Patty Norris says:

    Wow! Looks great! Who’s the model?

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