Bean Bag Chair for Children

Lucy’s playroom is ALMOST done!  I still have to make a magnetic chalkboard, window treatments and pillows for the reading loft.

I just finished these adorable bean bag chairs that fit perfectly beneath the reading loft.  I found a tutorial on Kathy Miller’s blog Making it Fun that I used as my guide:

Bean Bag Chair Tutorial

I did make a few changes… I will describe them with the assumption you have or will read the original tutorial.  I didn’t use an applique so I didn’t need that extra fabric or the fusible fleece.  In step one, the instructions say to fold the fabric in 8″, after first folding the fabric selvedge to selvedge.  The base of the pattern from this tutorial is wider than 8″ so I used the base of the pattern as my guide.

In step 3 (for both the inner and outer cover) I lined up the points of fabric at the top and bottom of the bean bag (the ends of the football if you will).  I sewed straight across making sure to sew just below where the seam stitching ended on either side.  If you do it this way, you can skip the applique step.

I think it looks great this way and you don’t have the extra work of the applique!

I left about an 8″ opening to fill the liner with the bean bag pellets.   I got the pellets on Amazon.  They came the day after I ordered them!  I will have to say that filling the bags is probably the most difficult part.  It is definitely a two person job!

Instead of hand stitching the opening closed, I used my sewing machine.  Can you tell I like to save time?!  I sewed as close to the edge of the fabric as I could.

The rest of Step 3 I followed exactly.

And you really don’t have to do Step 4 at all if you followed my instructions for sewing the top and bottom together.  This is what mine look like.  I love them and so does Lucy!

I made two more for my niece and nephew, but I made them a bit smaller.  I simply took 2 inches off of the pattern.  I used about 1/2 as much of the bean bag filling for the smaller bags.

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  1. That is so beautifully made. Better than the very expensive one my MIL bought!

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog (FB, Pinterest, Twitter).

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